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About Us

Au Carrefour de L`Europe is an NGO founded and registered in January 2019 that gathered youth workers, volunteers and friends that have a common interest in sharing their personal and professional experience through non-formal education.

Our Mission

We take as missions: create a more inclusive society, fair and supportive, at a local, national and international level, provide learning and growing opportunities for youngsters no matter their background, gender, race, physical characteristics, and to contribute to the construction and development of the European identity and active citizenship in the overseas territories of France.

Our Vission

Our vision is to contribute to the development of the society, promote, disseminate and apply through non-formal education, sport, arts and outdoor activities values like equality, freedom, inclusion and sustainable development.

Our objectives are:

  • Encouraging volunteer activities among young people;
  • Development and realization of projects in local, regional, national and international programs and competitions which are related environment, culture, education and outdoor activities;
  • Integration of people with fewer opportunities in the European society

Each successful project brings us closer to the purpose we have and helps us better understand that we are responsible for a brighter future. The Reunion Islands have always welcomed us with enthusiasm and provided us with an unforgettable atmosphere.

African culture always manages to surprise us and bring us closer to each other. From the multitude of possibilities, we chose for the begging to offer assistance to the young people from Madagascar and Kenya. We were surprised, as each time, how different our cultures are, but how similar we are.

Our experience

We have partnerships and we are in touch with several institutions in the overseas territories of France. In Guadeloupe we are in touch with La Préfecture de Jeuness en Guadeloupe,  Université des Antilles Guadeloupe, Mairie de Saint-Claude, Association Culturale Maiastra de Saint-Claude, Conseille departementale direction Jeuness, CGOS de Gourbeyre, and we are constantly meeting new important stakeholders in the Youth Sector.


In Reunion Island, the organisation board had developed several projects, and we established contacts with DAREIC – Académie de La Réunion, Lycée Ambroise Vollard de Saint Pierre, Lycée Antoine Roussin de Saint Luis, Collège de Petite Ile, Mairie de Petite-Île, College Honda de Saint Joseph, Lycée Français de Marie Saint Pierre, College Prive Marthe Robin Le Pompon, Centre d’Affaires Tamarun. From the local press we had the honour of meet Ms Jullianne Ponin-Ballom journalist at Journal de L`Ile de la Reunion and www.clickanoo.re that public and promotes our projects and initiatives in the local mass-media.

In New Caledonia (Nouvelle-Calédonie) we are in direct contact with Luck Asselin de Williencourt Representant permanent adjoint de la France aupres de la Communaute du Pacifique et de Programme Regional Oceanien de L`Environnement. And we are presenting our projects to Ms. Isabelle Arellano de las Delegation Académique aux Relations Européennes, Internationales et la Cooperation.

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Creative Team

our team

Besides motivated volunteers and collaborators, we have members with experience, motivation and know-how in the field of youth mobility. In this sense, we want to get actively involved into the organization of this event for the purpose of establishment of partnerships.  All the aspects related to logistics, finance and mass-media are known by our organization, which wants to raise the level of quality inside of the organization via this project. On top of that, we are relying on the raise of visibility and on the attraction of new poten-tial partners from a larger geographical area, involving more and more foreign partners as a total.