Type of the activity: Erasmus+ KA 1-2019 – Youth Exchange Programme Countries

This Project is focused in the sustainable grow and development of our societies. the main objectives of the project were the following: To Raise awareness about shortage of natural resources problem, to present circular economy and 3Rs theory as a tool to fight against pollution and shortage of natural resources, to raise awareness about the importance and value of natural resources in our planet and to change consumes habits to a more eco-friendly ones. For this project we counted with the support of La Délégation Académique aux Relations Européennes et Internationales et à la Coopération (DAREIC).

This youth exchange is mainly addressed to youngsters, students or volunteers aged between 18-30 years old.

-Environment and climate change

-Social entrepreneurship / social innovation

-Civic engagement / responsible citizenship

Hello dear ones,
The official Aftermovie of 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Reunion is finally out!
4Rs project took place in Reunion Island from 10-19 October 2020 and was co-funded by the ErasmusPlus Programme of the European Union and hosted young people from France, Romania, Spain, Lithuania and Bulgaria. We had an amazing time together and we want to congratulate all the participants for their great dedication and passion. Last but not least many thanks to our partners for being with us and for all their support. As a short review, we had a board game simulation of environmental game, divide into 3 action teams – reduce, reuse and recycle, outdoor activities about trusting each other and building connection, improving soft skills, presentation of Erasmus+ program and intense challenges.
It was a beautiful journey and we are very grateful for everything we experienced and learned.

Experiences shape people!

Message from participants: 

I took part in one amazing project in Réunion Island with participants from five different countries – France, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and Lithuania. The topic was “4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Réunion” and it aimed to promote a sustainable way of living and to educate the youngsters about the environmental problems our Earth is facing. During the activities we shared much more than just good practices – we showed respect and understanding towards the others, we learned a lot from each other and we made some strong lifelong connections. We were sharing everything together – the time, the bungalows, the cooking and the meals, the duties, the laughs and the endless dances at the intercultural parties. The project was a great mixture of useful information, energizers and games and leisure. It was a week so intense and filled with emotions that it is really hard not to be nostalgic. I am really thankful to the organizers and I could easily recognize their efforts and hard work. I left a piece of my heart in Réunion and will always remember everything that happened during this magical week in Paradise. 

By the way, if you are still reading this: Welcome to this incredible Erasmus world! I am sure you are already thirsty for knowledge and cannot wait to embark on this amazing adventure. Find a topic that relates to you and your interests or just dive in something totally unknown. I dare you to try, push your limits and feel the absolute freedom to be yourself. Roni Yordanova, Bulgarian participant

Welcome to the adventure called “Erasmus+”. This is a world that once you enter, you experience joy, new friendships, unimaginable self-improvement. That is what I realized when I found myself being part of this project in the marvelous, exotic island of Reunion, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. I have shared this adventure with participants from Bulgaria, Spain, France, Romania and Lithuania. We all acted like one big international team in our small, daily battles against our ordinary habits (our very own poor practices) when it came to being conscious of our consumption, and drew inspiration to change them from the actual good practices that exist around the world, such as recycling, reusing, optimizing the use of the resources present. We gained traction and generated ideas of our own during the extensive and productive sessions, where everybody did give opinions and suggestions. Fortunately for me, I can say that in this project I have found FRIENDS whom I will meet soon again. Bojidar Grozdanov, Bulgarian participant